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The Challenge of Aviation: Mastering Change

Creating a safer, cleaner and better aviation environment

PVS offers services to support air navigation service providers, operators, regulators and procedure design companies to reach their goals when performing air traffic management initiatives—successfully and in the most cost-efficient way.

Our navigation landscape is changing at increasing speed…

In recent decades, modern society’s increasing demand for mobility has led to a remarkable growth in air traffic volume in the commercial and business aviation sectors. Despite a low-demand period caused by the COVID-19 situation, this growing demand will continue.

Legacy navigation infrastructure is ceasing to provide the necessary capacities. Its limited design flexibility, at high operating cost, has already led to rationalisation measures that will be intensified in the coming years.

Modern IFR procedures apply the performance-based navigation concept. This, combined with state-of-the-art approach technologies like space-based or ground-based augmentation systems, will define the future of the navigational airspace environment.

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… but only clear benefits will drive the innovation process successfully

Having understood the high added value of this trend, PVS strives to accelerate airspace modernisation and contributes to advancing the world of aircraft navigation to satisfy the future demands of the industry.

We passionately trust in the success of this mission and dedicate our activities to the achievement of clear benefits for the involved stakeholders.

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