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Bringing knowledge and experience to the air traffic management community

PVS was formed by founders across different nations and with different skillsets, united by a common desire to contribute to the further development of the world of aviation. Airspace and Procedure Development have traditionally been performed by procedure design specialists, consulting stakeholders only after the airspace or procedure has been designed. PVS sets out to drive an advanced approach that entails early and continuous involvement in airspace and procedure design projects. This optimises the efficiency of the production process and the effectiveness of the results, thus assuring the ultimate experience for the end user.

Our team

Maarten van Heest pvs.aero

Maarten van Heest

Business Development Manager

Stephen van Houwelingen pvs.aero

Stephen van Houwelingen

Chief Performance Manager

Jan Reiners pvs.aero

Jan Reiners

ATM consultant

Sascha Jeltsch pvs.aero

Sascha Jeltsch

ATM consultant

Fabrice Dayne pvs.aero

Fabrice Dayne

ATM consultant

Andy Fonseca pvs.aero

Andy Fonseca

ATM consultant