About us
Our ambition is

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to foster

reduction of environmental impact

We use our knowledge to solve global problems. The diverse viewpoints, skills and experiences of our globally distributed team drives our growth. Our expertise suits the entire planet: our market is the entire world. Whether it’s Berlin or Buenos Aires, we meet our customers and partners wherever they are.

to assure

higher traffic capacity

We are paradigm-free—consistently raising the bar of performance for ourselves and the measure of excellence for our clients. We approach every challenge head-on and with vigour, ready to uncover the unknown unknowns that hinder progress. For us, nothing is impossible.

to enable

lower costs through increased efficiency

We approach customer challenges with fierce determination and a sense of urgency. In today’s fast-moving world, financial efficiency is paramount, and our clients can’t afford to waste resources. That’s why we work tirelessly to optimise our services, so our clients can make the most of their investments and achieve better results in less time.

to provide

accountability and commitment

Our clients trust us to make critical business decisions and deliver outcomes on schedule. From predicting aircraft paths to optimising flight routes, we are committed to accountability and dependability, enabling our clients to make informed decisions with confidence. As a reliable partner, we help our clients achieve their goals.

to generate

an increased level of safety

We believe exceptional outcomes require exceptional effort and persistence. We strive for superior customer experience, even with mundane tasks. Our dedication to excellence means going above and beyond to achieve the best possible results, with attention to detail and a thirst for challenges.

to offer

create solutions from user perspective

Our success rests with the objective to work effectively, with understanding and professionalism. Both in our multi-disciplinary team as well as with our partners, customers, regulators, and competitors. We know our customers well, asking questions to understand and learn from them, reading between the lines, and working proactively to deliver the right results.