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PBN for Managers

Grasp and utilise PBN to your advantage

PBN implementation should never be a goal in itself—it must provide clear benefits to stakeholders. These may be airports, ANSPs, airlines, pilots or communities. The challenge is to create as much benefit for as many stakeholders as possible and at the same time avoid drawbacks as far as practicable.

We start the day with a short summary of PBN NAV SPECs and where to use which specification as an overview including the advantages and disadvantages of PBN compared to conventional navigation.

Smart implementation of PBN should be cost-effective and time-efficient. We describe a method to progress steadily from concept to design to validation to implementation and use. To achieve this, we advocate for the early involvement of users (ATCOs and pilots) within new projects to enhance acceptance and ease implementation and practical use. In addition, we show how a multi-stakeholder approach (airports, airlines, ANSPs, flight procedure designers, flight validation pilots) can ensure the unobstructed progress of PBN implementation.

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