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PBN for AIS personnel

Master and use PBN in the AIS context

Since the introduction of PBN there have been many challenges for relevant stakeholders and their employees. Personnel deeply involved in the design of PBN procedures are up-to-date. For personnel not directly involved, but still part of the implementation and usage of the procedures, however, understanding the complexities of PBN remains a challenge, for clear reasons. And changes to the PBN nomenclature, from GPS to RNAV to RNP, and the mix of RNAV (GPS), RNAV (GNSS) and even RNAV (RNP) combined with complex NAV SPECS varying from RNAV 10 to RNP 0.3 haven’t eased the confusion.

This training is an invaluable tool to enable AIS staff to further their understanding of PBN and the concepts behind it.

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