Flight Check

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Assure safety, flyability and ICAO compliance for your procedures

PVS offers ICAO 9906 Vol 5 compliant validation of instrument flight procedures. Procedure Validation comprises a flight operational analysis, a comprehensive pre-flight validation, and a broad offering of add-on flight validation services. In addition, extensive documentation on findings, recommendations and conclusions can be provided, including video analysis and KML track visualisation. Procedure Validation is often referred to as Flight Check. This is technically speaking incorrect, since it could be the case that there is no flight performed but the procedure would still be validated.

The definition Flight Check is also used for flight inspection. Flight inspections is not the same as flight validation or procedure validation.

To assure compliance, we develop a flight validation plan that fulfils local requirements and ICAO Doc 9906 Vol 5. The flight validation plan consists of a flight operational review, pre-flight validation and, depending on the project, a simulator flight validation in a full-flight simulator or an aircraft flight validation.

PVS is EU (IR) 2017/373 certified for flight validation activities.