About us

Our Team

Together we share 50 years of experience in this working area. Besides consulting airlines and states regarding flight procedures according to ICAO PANS OPS 8168 and 9905, we are co-developing new standards for ICAO PANS OPS 8168. All team members are ATPL licensed pilots and we have thousands of flight hours on large commercial jets. We also fly piston and turboprop aircraft.

Our Vision

The increasing demand for mobility of a modern society has lead to a remarkable growth of air traffic volume in commercial and business aviation segments – and it will continue. Legacy navigation infrastructure is ceasing to provide the necessary capacities and it’s limited design flexibility at high operating cost has already lead to rationalization measures which will be intensified in the upcoming years. Modern IFR procedures applying the performance based navigation concept and state of the art precision approach technologies like the ground based augmentation system will define the future of navigational airspace environment.​

Having understood the high added value of this trend, our company PVS strives to accelerate airspace modernization and contributes in pushing the world of aircraft navigation to the next level. We passionately trust in the success of this mission and dedicate our activities to the achievement of clear benefits for the involved stakeholders: Reduction of environmental impact (noise and CO2), higher traffic capacity, lower production cost through higher efficiency, more flexible IFR access to airports and an increased level of safety. We follow this vision applying a broad approach by facilitating development of necessary standards and recommended practices on ICAO Level, helping states to implement these efficiently and compliant, providing design of beneficial procedures, conducting validations to demonstrate operational feasibility and training professional designers and validators in hands-on skills.